2017 Co-op status

With Jessi moving on to other pastures, I find myself in a dilemma for the second time in one year in regard to staffing the Co-op.  I was very pleased with the job Jessi did while she was here but it would be too much for me to take on by myself with all the other tasks I’ve got going on in early summer.  The veggie growing season this year was nearly a disaster between the soggy May and weed pressure.  I’ve added 11 acres to my organic acreage this year which will give much more flexibility in rotation and hopefully weed control.  I’d really like to get feedback on this year’s Co-op.  Of the 4 main commodities I grow, the veggies are the most labor intensive and least profitable.  I’ve already redoubled hay production for next year.  With that in mind, you can see I’ve really got to see the demand to keep it going.  You could give feedback here or by email to jim@evergreenacres.biz or message me on the Evergreen Acres facebook page.