Christmas Trees


We’ll open black Friday from 8 to 4:30, and then weekends 8 to 4:30 and weekdays from 2 to 5 except December 3 & 4, we’ll be closed.   Our last day will be December 9 as we are still a bit over-cut as a result of the scotch pine blight. We’ll have white pine up to 8′ tall at the begining of the season. The selection of Norway spruce will be a bit slim this year. We’ve had double our usual amount of rain this year so it is wet and muddy EVERYWHERE so dress accordingly.
All trees are priced by type regardless of size.

White Pine             $50
Norway Spruce       $70 recommend cutting late
Netting                   free
Tree shaking          free
Tie down Twine     free
Hot Cider                 free although we won’t be selling the gallons as the price went up too much.
Wagon ride             free

All prices include tax. We prefer cash and checks over plastic.  Updated Novewmber 14, 2018.
We likely will not answer the phone on weekends as we get very busy and the answer to every question is here on this page.  If you need confirmation that we are real and alive, go to our Facebook page and you can see current posts.

Answers to frequent questions about our operation:

This is a real choose and cut christmas tree farm. The trees are not precut. The tree types and prices are as shown above. We have plenty of bow saws for you to cut your tree down with. After it is cut, you will bring it to the sales shed where it is shaken and baled. We have twine for you to attach it to your car. We can help you if you need help. Hours of operation are above.
You may bring your dog, with a leash and duty bag.