End of July Update

Good evening everyone,

It’s been a busy month at the farm, and we are glad for it! There have been hundreds of pounds of tomatoes for us to harvest for co-op, and we have members buying up to 50 pounds to use for canning.

Many of you have seen the sweet corn was ready this week, and here it is on display at co-op.


We were pleasantly surprised to see hardly any ear worm damage. You might not find many organic farms with quality sweet corn, so be sure to pick yours up next week!

July also means it’s time to harvest honey from our 14 bee hives. Check out the lighter colored honey from last year, compared with the darker color from this year.

Folks have asked us, ‘Why is the color different even though it’s the same bees?’. It’s actually quite simple: They’ve been eating different foods! It all depends on what flowers they have been getting their nectar from. Pretty neat, huh?