June 1 update

Now that we have seasonal weather, the race is on to make up for what didn’t happen in the past month.  On Memorial day I tilled under all the zuchinni, cucumber, yellow squash, cantaloupe and watermelon.  On June 1, I replanted all the above.  All are warm-season plants that need warm soil high temperatures and lots of sunshine.  We set a new record by not breaking 80 during the first three weeks of May.  Of course it rained every single day which kept the soil cool.  The seed did nothing but rot and the weeds went ballistic.  We always want to be among the first to provide the warm-season produce, but this is often the down-side of early planting.  Anytime warm-season seeds are planted before mid-May the results are messy.  I planted the last week of April, which is really pushing the envelope.  The first two plantings of corn and beans are doing well although the second planting is doing better than the first…not surprising.
The field tomatoes narrowly averted a frost on May 16 at 36 degrees but are doing well.  We are able to get on the field to mulch them with compost now that the field has dried enough.  We’ll be scrambling to get stakes in Monday after rain this weekend.  Critters seem to have eaten about 1% of plants but we’re still close to 3,000 in the field.  300 tomato plants in the high tunnel are doing well.  We had a setback with thrips but the high temps seem to have helped.  Production may lag by a week.  We’re still nursing and weeding greens in the field.  The chinese cabbage bolted without forming a head.  The blue potatoes and beets are doing well.  I’ve started cutting and baling hay, which is off about 40% due to the lack of rain in April, so heads-up to the equine folks.  The bees have been busy swarming this year but not making as much honey with all the rain.  I came out of winter with 7 hives and am at 15 now.  It looks as though I may get more than 10 quarts of blueberries this year.  I’ll be looking at coyote calls to keep the deer off them.  Those and the tunnel tomatoes usually come in the third week of June.  With that and some greens, I hope to open around that time.