May 11 Co-op update

I’m sure you’re all aware that we’re in our third week of rain without a break.  We really did need some rain but if you know who’s praying for rain, you can tell them to stop now.  I irrigated 5 times in April to try to get the greens going but they just did not like being in bone-dry ground resulting in heavy losses with the early crop.  I got a second crop out ahead of the rain and they’re doing well.  The last week of April I also got some warm- weather seed planted: sweet corn, green beans, yellow squash, zuchinni, cucumber, watermelon and some cantaloupe.  Last I checked, none of them have germinated.  They generally like to have a soil temperature around 80 and it’s no where near that.  If the rains do not stop, they will rot in place.  So with the early dry spell followed by the constant rain, it’s been difficult to get an early crop of anything out.  We planted 3,000 tomato plants in the field on May 2, which is early, but they are fine.  I tell folks that when it is cool out, tomatoes just sit there and pout….they just don’t grow.  We’ve had the sweet peppers out nearly as long, but they’re similar to tomatoes that like it hot.  If the weather changes to something more seasonal soon, I’ve got a lot of seed and plants in place that should blast off!

The rain saved the hay crop.  Had we not gotten the rain, the hay crop would have been very meager this year.  The 2,000 tree seedlings we planted in March are responding well as are the 80 fruit trees we planted in April.

I had plowed about 20 acres of new ground before the rain.  We’re stuck not being able to do much now as we cannot get on the fields as they are too wet.

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  1. Yes, this is a good spot for status. As produce comes ready, I’ll be sending weekly emails to those that opted in for them.

  2. Looking for a status on anything available now. Do I just keep checking this website to find out? Thanks–know the weather has made farming rough!

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