Planting for the future

We’re so excited about our new Organic Co-op, that we’re already trying to load new produce into the future.  This past week, we planted 35 peach trees and 45 apple trees.  Unfortunately they won’t bear for another 5 years.  We don’t want to wait 6 or 7 years out to see what kind of production we’ll get before planting more so at this point if they just survive through the year, we’ll plan on doubling down on the trees.  These are located in the first field next to the neighbor’s llama fence.  We’ll keep you posted on how they do.

Another produce item into the future is asparagas.  I’ve maintained a small patch of Mary Washington asparagas for about 25 years.  In the past couple years I’ve tried establishing a larger patch by planting seed.  It seems I’ve been spinning my wheels so this year, the week before planting the trees, we planted 3,000 asparagas crowns.  1,000 are purple passion and the other 2,000 are Jersey Knight.  These are located in the third field where the lane meets the creek.

The third try for the year is the most difficult to grow.  Rhubarb likes a cool climate with very cold winters.  We’re pretty much south of the “happy range”.  In an effort to reduce some of the heat stress, I planted most of it on the back side of the Mary Wash. asparagas next to some trees to shade it half the day.  I found some seed, which is much cheaper than starting from crowns and started 400 in the greenhouse back in March.  So far it is hanging in there.

All produce will be certified organic, of course.