What’s New at the July 7th Co-op

Good evening all,

Everyone at Evergreen Acres hopes everyone had a Happy Independence Day Holiday! It’s nice to be back in the swing of things after a vacation. Farm fresh produce doesn’t take a vacation though, so we do have more goodies for upcoming co-ops.


Huge, red tomatoes have begun peaking through the lush green leaves on our greenhouse plants. This is the very start of the season, so we apologize if availability is limited. Everyone has been very patient and understanding about this, and this virtue will be rewarded once peak season comes up soon!


Beautiful, wild blackberries are ripening on the vines all over the farm. As we pluck the last few blueberries, we can begin to collect bucketfuls of blackberries.


Summertime string beans were available at our last co-op. Thank you to members who were able to pick them up after a last minute announcement. We will have more at this Thursday’s co-op, along with blue potatoes, and (hopefully) kale and blueberries.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Stay cool this week, it’s going to be a scorcher.